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May 19 - I'm hoping that at some point (within the next couple of months) as people who care more about issues and less about "populism", as people who are more informed than...... - we can all meet somewhere and get to talk things over. Please email me at with your thoughts.

May 14 - Q&A from actual people  -

Q) What is your assessment of your Republican opponent in this Primary on May 17 ?

Friends - Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and checking further into what I stand for.


At the risk of sounding immodest, my sincere hope is that the vast gap that puts me leagues ahead of the other Republican candidates in this race becomes apparent to you as you read ahead.

To summarize as to what sets me apart from the other Republicans running in this race - my EXPERIENCE & SKILLS in forming coalitions, my KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING OF ISSUES and existing legislations and resolutions, and my METHODOLOGY OF SOLVING THE ISSUES. I have built my past organizations (private and public sector) on sound strategies based on data analysis and I HAVE a strategy to WIN in November for the Republican Party.


I therefore, humbly, submit to you that I am the most qualified Republican candidate that CAN win the District 12 US House seat for the Republican Party and you, and respectfully ask for your extremely valued vote on May 17 and subsequently in November.

It's easy for a candidate to say while they are campaigning that they are going to do this and that - anyone with minimal awareness knows inflation and gasoline prices (as an example) are an issue. The question is shouldn't your Representative to Congress actually understand WHAT INFLATION IS ? How OIL PRICES & MARKETS actually work ? How a resolution goes from committee to becoming a bill, the fact that this is a LEGISLATIVE position NOT an EXECUTIVE position - where one legislator can't simply affect change - the legislator has to form a coalition that supports the resolution to take it even to bill status?


My many years of experience in the NC courts have taught me that it takes research, research and then some more research to really understand laws and bills. In order to eliminate the "pork" that is very skillfully slipped into almost every bill,  the reader has to first recognize that it's even there in the first place, only then are you in a position to negotiate on it's minimization (I do not have a law degree but I have burned the midnight oil for years learning "legal-eez" by poring over law books). 


I DO NOT BUY INTO the OBAMA theory of "send me to Washington and I'll surround myself with advisors" - one can't solely depend on advisors - one has to have a thorough knowledge themselves of issues, advisors are there to enhance knowledge and point out pros and cons. A person who depends too heavily on advisors or "a team" is simply a puppet willing and waiting to be manipulated.

You, the voter, hold the most powerful and effective tool to guide the future of this country in your hand - your VOTE. 


Friends, YOUR VOTE is the single greatest corrective mechanism a citizen in a constitutional Republic can have. This is the yet more proof of the tremendous foresight of the founding fathers. The founders codified the power of Franchise into our Constitution. At all levels of government we are given the power to vote out governments that we are dissatisfied with as citizens - at regular periods of time.


With Primary Election early voting well underway in NC it is my hope that as you "interview" me for this extremely serious position (and responsibility) of representing you, that I can make it evident to you that I am yours and the Republican party's best candidate to challenge and win against the Democratic candidate (incumbent or challenger) in District 12 in November.

In as far as BEING PREPARED for the task at hand (i.e. Victory for the Republican Party in November and thereafter being your humble representative in Washington) I know that I am far better equipped than the other Republican candidates in this race. I humbly and respectfully ask you for your vote in the Primary election (on right now and on May 17) based on my merit and life's experiences.​​

  • values - inculcated in me by my Christian missionary parents

  • hard work and achievement based on meritocracy - zero entitlement

  • perseverance to overcome hurdles even in the face of sometimes insurmountable odds - which I have done all my life

  • I was blessed by God with an indomitable spirit.

  • primary drivers are my son and my gratitude to our Great Country and it's great people. 

  • philosophy of conservatism and it's principles

  • 30+ years of experience in the private and public sectors, management and leadership skills,

  • in-depth knowledge of the issues that confront us 

  • experience and skills I have in building coalitions to make solutions move forward

Nalini Joseph - The most ELECTABLE Republican candidate in NC Congressional District 12

May 18 - My dear friends and supporters - Thank you - each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I wish the news I had to give you was different. However, in yesterday's primary you and I DID NOT win the opportunity to unseat Alma Adams in District 12.


Tyler Lee (please see my assessment of him), was elected in the Republican primary, for US House District 12 - to go up against Alma Adams in November. We should and will analyze the reasons and keep you posted on this website - so please continue to visit this website regularly.

A VERY special thanks to a very special young man, Camden Diggs - God brought him into my life as a result of this campaign and he is a blessing to me. Camden has become like a second son to me, so much more respect in my heart for him than just as my campaign manager. 


This fight, which started at the suggestion of my dear friend Andy Smith (a man of God and a hardcore "Milton Friedman" Republican) at his coffee shop is a worthy fight and I will continue to pursue it. (I'm gonna make a plug for Andy - Andy and his wife Susan (my wonderful & dear friend) own Lake Mountain Coffee, in downtown Statesville- which serves the absolute best coffee in the world and all of you should patronize it, instead of wasting your money at "the other one - which I call the "bitter coffee" place.)


I honor the election process, the single greatest of our American institutions. Even though, the outcomes are not always in the best interests of serving the country.  Friends, we must continue the fight. I will, with your support and blessings, continue to campaign and we will come back even stronger in 2 years time.

May 14 - Q&A from actual people  -

Q) What is your assessment of your Republican opponent in this Primary on May 17 ?

A) I daresay, in District 12, Representative Ms. Adams (who I am sure is a fine lady on a personal level), however, reading her Congressional record is far less than satisfactory. I intend to represent the interests of ALL citizens of District 12, once elected to Congress - not just a very narrow demographic. I will work on legislation that will maximize "impact" and benefits for the betterment of the lives of ALL citizens of District 12 - not just skewed heavily to one demographic.

My Republican opponent in the Primaries, who seems to be a good hearted young man for all intents and purposes, has simply NOT taken the time to study Ms. Adams' record (i.e. Resolutions introduced or bills enacted into law). The focus of his campaign, his "ire" and prescriptions for change, lie more within the purview and speed of execution assigned, by the framers, to the EXECUTIVE branch of government - NOT that of the LEGISLATIVE branch.


The legislative branch, by design of the founders, is a slower, more collaborative, more permanent law making body.


After listening to him speak on several occasions and then expound at the forum last week I am convinced, more than ever that he possesses neither the capability nor the knowledge of government - which one absolutely needs to go up and debate against a seasoned veteran legislator like Ms. Adams. Remember these televised debates will be held leading up to the November elections - and he will lose them against Ms. Adams. What that means is that the very large number of swing voters and unaffiliated voters will not vote Republican. Without the unaffiliated and swing votes it will be an easy victory for Ms. Adams.

You see, My Republican opponent in May 17's Primary has a FUNDAMENTALLY flawed concept of legislature. I will cite two examples below (but there are several others)


1)  He claims (by implication and otherwise) that he will affect large scale change in a sweeping and speedy manner - at the stroke of a pen so to speak - which is the power given to the Executive branch. This generally (in my experience) comes from a fundamental lack of understanding of the functions, operational procedures and powers delegated by the constitution to the different arms of government (and a lack of experience in how life in general works).

2) My Republican Opponent in the Primary openly shows disregard for Congress people duly elected by the people of our country - he refers to them derogatorily as "Career Politicians". He says he mistrusts even Republican Congress people (leave alone Democrats in Congress). This is America and he has the right to feel and speak out any way he wants. However, a Congressperson cannot and should not adopt this attitude and posture towards potential colleagues - it renders one totally ineffective. Who does my worthy Republican Opponent think walk the halls of Congress ? Most of them are whom he  derogatorily calls "Career Politicians". You can say what you like about them BUT that is whom one gets to work with if one is worthy enough to get elected by the people, and if one is going to get any real business done in Congress then one HAS to tone done the negative rhetoric and start by showing one's colleagues some RESPECT - especially if one is a freshman Congress person. Oh you can yell and scream It's one thing if the President of the country (and I strongly suspect that my worthy opponent has picked this up to some extent from hearing Presidential candidates' rhetoric) - takes this position - the President has Executive powers to affect law (temporary albeit) at the stroke of a pen. A Congressperson cannot effectively work with this attitude and get the business of their constituents done. How does my worthy Republican opponent intend to get 250+ votes (House and Senate) to affect any change if he is suspicious and disrespectful of his potential colleagues (Republicans and Democrats) in Congress ? Does my worthy Republican Opponent really think disrespect for ones colleagues helps to build coalitions ?

All this being said, Republican voters are savvy, sharp and want the best for our country. They will evaluate his resume against mine and use their vote to select the person they deem best for District 12.

God bless America !

May 13 - One of our most important freedoms is the Right to Worship - please watch - Video

May 12 - How to handle a Leftist Democrat. I made a video about the disastrous effect of the Biden Administration on our Economy, and put it on my Facebook - what follows is an interesting comment from someone who is most likely a "far LEFT" winger (I have gone rounds with this person in the past). In my opinion, the only way to attack these WOKE LEFTISTS is with pure facts - you can't beat them with rhetoric - they have advanced degrees in nonsensical rhetoric - RESEARCH AND FACTS, that's what wins the discussion.

May 11 - 2022 Had a great online discussion with retired Border Security Agent Mr. Jeffrey Martinez, regarding  National Security - The Southern Borders. Per Mr. Martinez the are plenty of laws on the books, the problems are existing laws are not being adhered to by nor properly enforced and prosecuted. The major problem are the lack of sufficient personnel and resources. I intend to go to Congress and try to get these hero's the funding they need.  Thank you Mr Martinez for your service.

May 11 - 2022 Q&A from actual people - I was asked about the 2 million illegal aliens that have crossed our Southern border since the beginning of 2021. There is no complete answer to this huge problem - on the one hand Mexico has a humanitarian crisis with innocent children in danger of cartel violence - on the other hand we in the USA have an Economic crisis with a $30 trillion debt and growing. I strongly believe our own people come first - here is a short video of my initial thoughts

May 11 - 2022 A quick Video about the Economy

The Economy has been a disaster since Jan of 2021. Debt to GDP ratio as of May 2022 is at roughly 1.25....inflation is at a 40year high of 8.5%...finally they have worked one of the levers of government by jacking up the interest rate by 0.5%. Here's a link to my more detailed discussion on Inflation

May 11 - 2022 Please join me in praying for the victims of the Ukranian war

May 10 - 2022 - Q&A from actual people I meet while out introducing myself - these are brief answers - I would be happy to discuss any topic of concern to you - just shoot me off an email. 


What will you do to support a vibrant economy in our area?


We have to help our small businesses and incentivize investors to bring in more manufacturing, high tech and other high paying job creating businesses.

I’m a small business owner and I know how difficult it is to run a small business in this current economy. Right now, there are 3 major challenges

1) Costs of raw materials and supplies have almost doubled in some cases

2) Supply chain issues

3) Lack of help EVEN when you offer excellent wages

I've detailed the causes and possible solutions to the first 2 issues above in my video on INFLATION. Let me address the 3rd issue in brief below :

In the 40 years that I've been in America, I've never seen a situation, like the current one we are in, where restaurants and small businesses are shutting down because they can't find employees.  We have to help employers get those employees that they need at reasonable wages – The way we do that is by putting restrictions on unemployment benefits and quit handing out "free money" to those who CAN and SHOULD BE working. 


Next to expand our economy in district 12:

        We have to expand manufacturing.  Specifically, "high barrier to entry" manufacturing - so that we

        a) produce high paying jobs - machinists, cnc programmers, engineering jobs  

        b) the operations can't be easily ported over overseas. For example : medical manufacturing -bone screws, dental implants, pacemakers etc., or also aerospace manufacturing


        We also have to attract more high tech into our area.The  future is in AI, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Bio-Tech to state a few fields. We have a great pool of high tech talent that graduates from UNC Charlotte every year. So the human resource part of the tech companies issues are easily solved. UNC Charlotte can also be a great bed of research and development for these high tech firms.

We can do this by attracting companies into this area – through incentives.  There’s a reason we Republicans talk about lower taxes.  I will work for you in Congress to try and bring back the Trump era 21% corporate tax rate (36 right now).  Once we make it more profitable for these companies to operate in District 12 --- they will come and our economy will grow with them. We grow and grow and put people to work right here in District 12.

So – stop giving away free money, re-visit unemployment policies that don’t work, lower corporate taxes back to Trump era taxes to bring in more high tech and high paying companies and jobs.

May 9 - 2022 - Please Check out my interview on "The Anthony Miragliotta Show" - New Jersey's Premier political podcast. I explain Why I am the only Republican in the House race in District 12 that can win this seat for the republican party

May 8 - 2022 - Links so you can check out my views on some issues (also see my "Platform" and "Philosophy" pages) :

Articles I've written (articles written last year in the local newspaper

"Salisbury Post" - expressing mostly my Conservative Social views 


Inflation - Video on my take on the causes of the current inflation


Fossil based fuels and Carbon are not going anywhere for a long while  - my questions to the left as to how exactly are they going to convert our fossil "fuel" and carbon dependent world to their Utopia and my justifications as why their "Zero" carbon future is not possible in the near future


Ukraine Crisis - Video

Child Abuse Awareness - Video

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In the 21st Century it's not enough to maintain a "steady" trajectory - in order to facilitate quantum leaps forward. A leader needs to have qualities and capabilities of ....

Vision, Strategy and

Nalini Joseph brings 25 years of 
management experience to the table - fighting for the most vulnerable in our society - our CHILDREN.

Negotiating in courtrooms, building organizations of volunteers and forming coalitions for the rights of children.


Quote of the day :

"When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat" 


Former President of our great nation Ronald Reagan

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