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May 17 - Primary Elections

“We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”
Thomas Jefferson

Please VOTE on May 17 - if you haven't already voted

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Dear Friends,


Of course I hope you will have found my values, beliefs and philosophy in alignment with your own, AND you will cast your vote for me.

You and I together, will win in November and secure the Congressional seat in District 12 for the Republican Party - the "reign" of the Dems will end this year - but for NOW, the task at hand is winning the Primary tomorrow.

My appeal to you is to send the following information to 5 of your friends and family members. Perhaps, you can ask them to visit my website or email me with their thoughts and questions.

Below you will find a printable flyer and "postcard size" printable documents - if you would be so kind as to print these and hand them out, I would appreciate the help.

Respectfully yours,

Nalini Joseph

PDF flyer - Downloadable Sample Ballot with my primary goals once you elect me to Congress

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