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Nalini Joseph

Proud to be an American, a woman and a LEGAL immigrant

Let's UPSET the status-quo in the 12th Congressional district.

To do this we Republicans, need a person with integrity, strength, proven experience, smarts, and negotiating skills.

I'm Nalini Joseph, an immigrant, a woman AND I'm armed with all these attributes.

My experience, qualifications and perseverance make me the BEST CHOICE amongst the 3 Republican candidates running in the May 17 primaries, because I have what it takes to be the most ELECTABLE REPUBLICAN against the DEMOCRAT candidate in the November 2022, Congressional elections.

I'm therefore asking YOU for your VOTE and the honor to serve you on Capitol Hill !

Yelling may impress some people, it may even help release some steam and get the "screamer" some airtime - BUT it doesn't affect any MAJOR changes in the long run - EXPERIENCE, Savvy & Skill does. 

IMG_4041 (2).jpg

In the 21st Century it's not enough to maintain a "steady" trajectory - in order to facilitate quantum leaps forward. A leader needs to have qualities and capabilities of ....

Vision, Strategy and

Nalini Joseph brings 25 years of 
management experience to the table

Quote of the day :

"When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat" 


Former President of our great nation Ronald Reagan

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