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The only defense against the world is a THOROUGH knowledge of it
- John Locke, founder of modern conservative thought



I'm a conservative in every sense of the word - political, economic and social.  I come from the John Locke, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek school of conservatism. 

I always say - give me Lincoln when you need justice, give me Reagan when you need to communicate a message to people, give me Teddy Roosevelt when you need an all around maverick - but when all hell breaks loose and there's no hope in sight - pray for the spirit and smarts of Richard Nixon to be on your side.

EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY for ALL – America has been good to me:  as a "triple minority" - an immigrant, a woman, and a person of color, have I been faced with obstacles?  Of course I have, but, because of this great country, I have always had the opportunity to prove my merit and worthiness through hard, work, perseverance and personal productivity. This the greatness of our country and our system.

I have been able to start my own business, to push myself ahead of others because of our system of free enterprise, and after much hard work, enjoy the life and wealth that America has to offer.  I do not believe in equality of outcome - I am not a person who needs someone else (like Kamala Harris) to help determine what the outcome of my work and education should be.  I came to America to attend college in 1985 and since graduation with my Bachelor's in Arts in 1989, have served the most vulnerable in our community – our abused and neglected children.  As a young adult, living thousands of miles away from my parents and family, I learned to work hard and become an expert in my field.  My Master’s degree in healthcare administration is from Pfeiffer University; I used this degree to further my career and qualifications.  None of this would have happened if America had not offered me (a woman and a person of color) opportunities that are equal to those of all the other citizens of America who were born and raised in this country.    

MERITOCRACY and EDUCATION - Each person has a God-given talent that if exercised, will propel him/her forward towards success.  Education should be focused on rewarding those who work hard and have the desire to succeedChildren should not feel punished because of the color of their skin - it was wrong during the Jim Crowe era it is wrong today and it will always be wrong.  Today, many children are taught to feel guilty about their heritage and the color of their skin.  This is wrong.  We don’t want another Jim Crowe era; this time, perpetuated against white people. Our children need to feel a sense of pride through their achievements based on their merit, they do not need to feel put down because they were born white, or that they are victims because they are black or brown.  Not every child should be expected to perform as well as the next child. Not every child deserves a trophy. Let's go back to the days when we gave children a reason to want to excel - not be handed a trophy for mediocrity. I say this as the mother to a brown skinned son. 


FREEDOM of RELIGION and the RIGHT TO WORSHIP SAFELY – My American father went to India in the 1950’s as a Methodist missionary and met my Indian mother who was also a Methodist.  They served as career missionaries for 45 years in India, where I was born and raised.  I am a Christian and will always work towards preserving conservative Christian values and ideals in my work and life. Preserving the Judeo Christian foundations of our great nation is very close to my heart.


As it becomes increasingly fashionable for the post-modernists to destroy our Christian foundations - by inculcating atheism, genderism and whatever other new "ism" they come up with next, into the fragile minds of our kids - I know it is increasingly imperative for us to take up the cause for reinstating prayer in schools.


Some groups seem to be (at least in presidential election years) bent on destroying churches.  This is an attack on Christians and our places of worship.  Let's take the the cause against these anarchists. We need to preserve our right to worship safely.

FREEDOM FROM "TYRRANICAL" MANDATES BY GOVERNMENT - Vaccines and Masks are the issue of the day but will soon be the issue of yesterday.  What will remain is the question of our freedoms.  Guns, masks, vaccines, the freedom to worship in a safe and secure community – these are the freedoms that I will defend.


RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS - PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT – The left-wing media continues to talk about gun violence and solving that problem by taking away our freedoms.  Let’s talk about gun violence for a moment:  Here’s the Left's justification:  In 2020, reports show the highest number of gun violence deaths in the US in more than twenty years.  The record number of gun violence deaths in 2020? 19,379. 

By comparison, in 2020, 38,824 people died in car crashes.  So what do we do?  Do we take cars away from people and put everyone on state-owned public transportation to go from point A to point B?  I guess that would be Ms. Cortez's dream…you just have to look at the huge number of green-loving Democrats using light rail in Charlotte to get to work every day to see how well that’s working…

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