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“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”
                                                  - Albert Einstein

My reasons for running for U.S. House of Representatives

Like most of us who live in North Carolina, I love our state. However, that is not to say that I love everything about our state. Many of you have lived here for a much longer time than I have and have seen the state change in different ways. 

Over the past 30 years, I have spent a lot of time conversing with so many of you and the same concerns seem to come up over and over again - but lately there are some very grave concerns.  I want to tackle these issues with your advice once I am on the Hill.  I intend to use this and other online tools to continually conduct online (unofficial) referendums to get your opinions on these and other issues that affect you.  If these are some of the issues that are on your mind, then I ask you for your vote on May 17, 2022 and subsequently in November, 2022.


  • The threat of Asymmetrical Warfare from external forces & Foreign Policy 

    • Cybersecurity is paramount - the internet is the backbone of the international banking system, our power grid and our water supply. A successful breach in any of these systems via either the internet or otherwise will paralyze business and us citizens alike.

      • Our city of Charlotte is the second largest banking hub in the country. While we do have massive redundancy built into all our systems - thanks to our great engineers. However, we have to always be cognizant China and Russia are NOT our friends and are a constant threat to our systems.

    • The terrorists who took down our twin towers may be quiet for now but let's not stop being vigilant against terrorism

    • CDC says 980,000 Americans are dead due to direct or indirect effects of COVID (the Wuhan Virus) - what is it going to take for us to realize China is NOT our friend ?

  • Election Integrity - free and fair elections are one of the pillars of our democracy and republic. The debacle that took place in 2020 must never be repeated. I will work with legislators and officials to ensure this situation that we find ourselves in today improves.​

  • Illegal Immigration and Border Security - studies have shown that the cost from illegal immigration (border crossings and visa overstays) to the state of North Carolina is over $2.1billion (this was pre-Covid). Over 59% of these costs are in Education. I support shutting down both the "source" and the "incentives" - this can only happen by working with senior legislators who are also serious about this issue. A wall is a great a start, in addition Border Security forces need the support of Republican legislators and the people - instead of forcing these brave folks to work with their hands tied behind their backs and so many other factors have to be addressed simultaneously.

    • I urge everyone to study the excellent reports available at the DHS website

    • Here is another interesting article regarding illegal immigration criminals and their being set out back on the streets ICE

  • ​​​Economic policies

    • Botched left leaning policies that affect our daily lives

      • Exorbitant Gasoline prices and Inflation

        • Shutting down the Keystone pipeline​

        • Refusing permits for new drilling in Prudhoe bay

      • Supply chain issues - leading to empty shelves in grocery stores, construction industry slowdowns due to lack of building materials and the list goes on

      • The long term economic and financial effects of COVID (the Wuhan Virus) on our businesses

      • Hyperinflation - The long term effects of the executive branch coercing the FED into printing trillions of dollars in currency

  • Domestic & Social Issues

    • Sanctity of Life - The left's pushing for late term abortions. I am PRO-LIFE, I feel it's time Roe V. Wade is revisited (UPDATE: very encouraging news AP Reuters reports see below) at the very least and hopefully reversed ideally - the science they used is now 50 years old - essentially in that period of time we've gone from slide rules and "green screen" computers to iPhones

      • May 3 (Reuters) - A leaked initial draft majority opinion suggests the U.S. Supreme Court will vote to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide, Politico reported on Monday. Reuters was not able to confirm the authenticity of the draft. The Supreme Court and the White House declined to comment.

      • The fact that Chief Justice Roberts has confirmed that this was a leak of an initial draft opinion is very serious breach of a tradition of SCOTUS - I am a huge believer in the preservation of our institutions of government - the Courts, the Legislature and the Executive. Any undermining of the same is a huge problem. This is exactly what the LEFT wants - i.e. weaken our democracy by weakening the credibility of our institutions - we cannot play into their plan.

    • Education standards and the push by the left for injection of CRT into curriculums.

    • The Opioid crisis affecting our families and children

    • An outright left wing assault on our freedoms - trying to take away our right to bear arms

    • Rising crime rates in our metropolitan areas - including Charlotte and the greater Charlotte area

    • Overburdened, underappreciated and under-resourced law enforcement agencies - who are also working with their hands strapped behind their backs

These are some of the issues that have propelled me to run for U S House of Representatives.  Together, we can make headway on these and other issues that affect the lives of each and every citizen in our state. 

A quick overview of my Political and Social Conservative values

  • Election Integrity

  • Smaller government and reduced beauracracy leading to quick processes and dealings between individuals/businesses  AND the government

  • Strong supporter of Balanced budget reform

  • Lowering the Debt by cutting spending

  • Work towards getting rid of the "donut-hole" in medicare prescription - it's very tough on seniors (especially those on fixed incomes)

  • Stop the Federal Reserve from creating "money out of thin air" - we need to curb inflation - NOW; raise interest rates to help control inflation.

  • Stop these Socialist "Stimulus" checks from going out - the country simply does not have the money - plus it's hurting employers who need workers

  • Lower taxes for all Americans  including corporations - this leads to greater job creation because larger companies have more incentive to remain in America

  • Small business incentives and easier loans to businesses

  • Less regulation of all businesses and especially in manufacturing - remove barriers to manufacturing in America

  • Tougher sentencing on criminals and Backing and funding Law Enforcement

  • On the social side -

    • Pro-life

    • Pro freedom of religion and worship,

    • strong believer in Equality of Opportunity not Equality of outcome,

    • believe strongly in MERITOCRACY in education

    • get rid of CRT in schools

  • I believe in returning state's rights back into the hands of the state and local affairs back into the hands of local government bodies - the federal government needs to get out of the business of education and hand it back to state governments

  • Get rid of ACA Obamacare - it's a huge burden on taxpayers and inefficient

  • Get out of the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Pro second amendment

  • Strong Foreign Policy - a strong military and strength using deterrence  through the projection of power using our military and diplomacy. Like Reagan we use our covert forces to strengthen and protect our strategic objectives where and when needed

  • Pro Israel

  • Heavy focus on Cyber Security

  • I believe very strongly  that we get out of the business of nation building - We only go to war if we have a clear strategy to WIN and EXIT - no nation building;

  • we make bilateral trade deals with nations ONLY where WE come out on top;

  • we make America energy independent - so we can stabilize oil, natural gas and coal prices

  • Secure the borders - North and South, fund and resource the Border Security Forces, fund the Coast guards, E-Verify requirements for employment

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year."

                                                     — John Foster Dulles, Former Secretary of State


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