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A bit about me and my background

Dear friends,

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to introduce myself to you.  I ask you to continue to read this section in its entirety in order to get a better understanding of some of my values and thoughts.

I’m Nalini Joseph, a proud American of Indian Origin, a strong Conservative and a public servant. I’m running for NC District 12 Congressional (U.S. House) seat. I am seeking to earn your vote this November.  I will be honored and privileged to serve you if you should decide I am worthy of your vote.

I am first and foremost a "Tiger Mom" to my 12 year old son Rohan, whose achievements and morals I am very proud of.

What I do Professionally :

I have been in public service for the past thirty years in various capacities of management and administration.  For the last fourteen years, I had served as the Guardian ad Litem District Administrator. Here I built a volunteer organization of 200 fantastic folks from varied walks and varied cultures - Corporate Executives, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Home makers and many others - whom I personally trained and managed to be a voice and advocates for the rights of abused and neglected children through the North Carolina Administrative office of the Courts.


Earlier this year, at the behest of some of my friends, volunteers and family, I quit this very noble career because I felt the calling to increase my sphere of work from the very localized area to where I was being effective to take my energy and experience into the realm of policy change and policy making at a wider scope. 

Like I have, all through my life, before every big decision in my life, I prayed about it, sought counsel from my elders, from my dear friends in government (NC Senator Carl Ford, his wife Angela; NC Hose Rep. Harry Warren and others) and did some deep introspection. The answer became clear.


If I was going to run for being a servant of the public in office - it would have to be for all the right reasons. Not just run in a "red" district where I can easily win and get into Congress. It would have to be where I could make the largest positive impact on the most people, in a geographical area where I could prove (to myself) that the representation the citizens were getting by their elected representative was way below adequate and in a geographical area where the future of many of our kids would lie. District 12 of North Carolina. I started by studying Ms. Adams' bills sponsored, voting records and bills enacted into laws. I found gross inadequacies in the representation she was providing and a very skewed towards one demographic stance that she has adopted. I knew District 12 is heavily blue, I knew my task would be uphill and I knew Ms. Adams was deeply entrenched. I also know I am no stranger to be "David" against the many "Goliaths" that I have faced. So I made the decision to run for Congress in District 12.

I am also a small business person - I own and operate Lillian Rosh LLC. a women's accessory business.

I serve as Executive Director and founder of William Jones Scholars LLC, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the education of children. 

Core Values and Beliefs :

I was born and raised in India, and am the youngest daughter of two career United Methodist missionaries to India (my father Rev W.W. Jones was American, my mother Mrs. B.K. Jones was Indian). I legally immigrated to the US in 1985, earned my B.A. (Psychology) and MHA (Master's in Health Administration).


My Psychology degree has served me well in understanding people. Once one understands what makes people tick, then and only then, can one form and build relationships, resolve infighting and disagreements that arise from differences in opinions and values, show disparate people that we CAN work together even when we disagree  and form coalitions where most people think that no co-operation between factions is possible.


Having an MHA, gives me the advantage to "cut through the clutter" when viewing medical regulations, healthcare bills etc. and to really understand the implications of these sorts of documents in a manner most people are not able to. I will use these skills to look in ACA and Medicare (especially the "donut hole" in the prescription plan).


Last, but certainly not the least, having spent the last 20+ years in the NC Courts working very closely with lawyers and judges - (with staff and attorneys reporting to me) - in many cases my job was to challenge the decisions of the courts and the case laid out by the opposition attorney. Not being a lawyer myself, I had to really burn the midnight oil to learn how to "read and understand" legal-eez. That's the only way I had a chance of understanding case law, laws, statutes so I could be an effective advocate for the abused children in my program. This skill of understanding legal documents gives me a huge leg up, if you should choose to elect me. Having this experience also means I will be able to really understand the implications and language of each and every line item in a bill before voting on it. 


Christian family values, service to others and the invaluable role of education were the bedrock of my upbringing and have shaped my value system as an adult.

I believe that regardless of which side of the fence we stand on ideologically or politically, we can and should discuss and learn from opposing points of view.  We can have huge disagreements but still find common ground and further the good of all - without compromising our core values and beliefs.

I believe that while a congressperson has to work on a daily basis to cover a lot of "housekeeping" legal aspects of policy making, the bigger task you are entrusting me (the Congressperson) with is to have a vision and strategy for moving the district forward in the direction of growth and prosperity of its residents.

I believe a Congressperson must have the skills and ability to be able to form synergistic relationships between district residents, local businesses, city, county and the state officials and them self. Once this synergy is established, moving forward together becomes much smoother. 

I believe in America, I believe that with all it's problems, that America is by far the greatest country in the world.

I believe each and every American is given the opportunity to be exceptional. 

As a Christian I pray and thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for every veteran who fought or bled for us. 

As an American of Asian origin, I thank and pray for the souls of those who died so my family and I can have the privilege of being American and coming to America. 

I believe old glory flies high to signify life, liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness for each one of us. 

I believe America is the land of opportunity and gives everyone an equal opportunity.  All we have to do is avail of the opportunities presented. 

I believe we need to preserve and further the promise of America.

I would be honored, humbled and privileged, should you choose, to elect me and task me with the opportunity and enormous responsibility of representing and serving YOUR interests in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Thank you and God bless America

Nalini Joseph - The most ELECTABLE Republican candidate in NC Congressional District 12

A quick overview of my Political and Social Conservative values

  • Election Integrity

  • Smaller government and reduced beauracracy leading to quick processes and dealings between individuals/businesses  AND the government

  • Strong supporter of Balanced budget reform

  • Lowering the Debt by cutting spending (cut our GDP to debt ratio from it's current 125% - GDP $24T, national debt $30T)

  • Work towards getting rid of the "donut-hole" in medicare prescription - it's very tough on seniors (especially those on fixed incomes)

  • Stop the Federal Reserve from creating "money out of thin air" - we need to curb inflation - NOW; raise interest rates to help control inflation (work towards reduction of the Feds balance sheet from it's current $8.1 trillion ! - folks we can't just keep allowing spending and "balance sheeting" off those expenses - a day of reckoning WILL come and it won't be pretty)

  • Stop these Socialist "Stimulus" checks from going out - the country simply does not have the money - plus it's hurting employers who need workers

  • Lower taxes for all Americans  including corporations - this leads to greater job creation because larger companies have more incentive to remain in America

  • Small business incentives and easier loans to businesses

  • Less regulation of all businesses and especially in manufacturing - remove barriers to manufacturing in America

  • Tougher sentencing on criminals and Backing and funding Law Enforcement

  • On the social side -

    • Pro-life

    • Pro freedom of religion and worship,

    • strong believer in Equality of Opportunity not Equality of outcome,

    • believe strongly in MERITOCRACY in education

    • get rid of CRT in schools

  • I believe in returning state's rights back into the hands of the state and local affairs back into the hands of local government bodies - the federal government needs to get out of the business of education and hand it back to state governments

  • Get rid of ACA Obamacare - it's a huge burden on taxpayers and inefficient

  • Get out of the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Pro second amendment

  • Strong Foreign Policy - a strong military and strength using deterrence  through the projection of power using our military and diplomacy. Like Reagan we use our covert forces to strengthen and protect our strategic objectives where and when needed

  • Pro Israel

  • Heavy focus on Cyber Security - we are especially vulnerable in District 12, being the banking hub for the South East

  • I believe very strongly  that we get out of the business of nation building - We only go to war if we have a clear strategy to WIN and EXIT - no nation building;

  • we make bilateral trade deals with nations ONLY where WE come out on top;

  • we make America energy independent - so we can stabilize oil, natural gas and coal prices

  • Secure the borders - North and South, fund and resource the Border Security Forces, fund the Coast guards, E-Verify requirements for employment


Last Summer Senator Carl Ford and my son - Senator Carl Ford and his dear wife have ALWAYS been very kind and gracious towards me and my son. 

In the 21st Century it's not enough to maintain a "steady" trajectory - in order to facilitate quantum leaps forward. A leader needs to have qualities and capabilities of ....

Prosperity:  Economic Growth and Boosting our Businesses that already exist

Citizen Safety: Crime Reduction and supporting our police force

Healthy living:  clean air, clean water, parks and recreation accessible to all

Nalini Joseph brings 25 years of 
management experience to the table - fighting for the most vulnerable in our society - our CHILDREN.

Negotiating in courtrooms, building organizations of volunteers and forming coalitions for the rights of children.


Quote of the day :

"When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat" 


Former President of our great nation Ronald Reagan

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